Cutting your CPC using WordStream – an advanced Keyword tool

Posted on Jul 2, 2010 in AdWords
Aren’t we all striving to build a successful AdWords campaign? The 2 most important things to do are 1) choosing keywords wisely and 2) adding negative keywords. It’s really time consuming, especially if you are aiming to build a campaign for a keywords with high competition… We just discovered a tool which greatly helps with the above: Wordstream. This blog post is dedicated to review that program.

Watch the Introduction Video

WordStream vs. Free Tools

Crucial whenever checking out a product is to see what their actual USP is. We all know the free keyword suggestion tool by AdWords. What is the difference?The key difference here is that WordStream makes use of different data coming from Google and other major search engines. Compared to the AdWords keyword tool it uses that data and analyzes it for you. WordStream is an intelligent data aggregation tool extracting the most important data in a visually appealing way. Using that data you can then easily proceed with optimizing your AdWords account.

All the Features in a Nutshell

  • Keyword suggestions – increase quality score and cut CPC
  • Generating Keyword groups easily
  • Exporting Keywords easily – saves time
  • AdWords Integration
  • Negative Keywords generator – cut CPC
  • Great support
I probably forgot about lots of features, but I definitely recommend giving it a try with their trial option. You can just easily cancel if you don’t like it.If you reach a point where you spends hundreds every month on advertising then this tool is excellent for you. For low budget AdWords campaigns (100-200 US$) WordStream is too expensive.If you previously used WordStream I’d love to hear some thoughts and feedback from you as well.Thanks :-).