Which Adsense colors?

Posted on Nov 14, 2008 in AdsenseAdvertising
Finishing my recent guide on google adsense I would like to get a little more specific and give you instructions what you should do with the ad-blocks to make more money.The real money in Adsense can only be made if you use rectangle blocks. Banners are now longer paying out well. This is a consequence of mass advertisements on the internet. People often refer to this as the so called “banner-blindness”. Therefore you will want to use rectangles. Google offers two of them, a 338*280 one and a 300*250 pixel one. Make sure you position the ads as well as possible. It has to do with psychology. The human always first watches at specific parts of a website, so called “hot-zones” – that is where you want to place the advertisements.That are the basics, a good placement is essential for a good income. Due to the fact that people tend to click ads with specific colors more often than others I wrote this guide to let you know what the best URL colors are. The adsense team gave some tips, but as always, those tips are crap. How are they capable of writing so completely messed up posts? With the colors they suggest you will not even get a single click…Some people say you should make the URLs look exactly like the other links on your website. Whereas I made another experience. Making the links the same color as your blog’s links is good, but not as good as using a blue color for the link. Now the question is, which blue color? I read a post about URL colors by Vinay Kumar, he made best experience with the 000080 URL color. Owing to the fact that he, other bloggers and me made best results with that color I can only recommend you to try that color as well. I am listing the colors which perform best for me. Note, my websites all have a white backgroud, I have not tested dark layouts. #0000FF. Many websites use this color. That is also a problem, people got used to this color and nowadays click less on it. Still, this a pretty good color to start with. I recommend you to test it. #000080. This is the color I made best experiences with. It is relatively uncommon and seems to attract most clicks right now. This could change in the future, but right now, this is definitely my favorite. #21588E. Some webmasters already noticed a banner blindness on other blue colors as well. This color is pretty unique and might be good if the others do not work for you. Test this one out as last.Test those three colors for 1 week. Testing one day won’t help you – it should be a week. The most important factor you need to compare is the CTR. If it greatly increases when using adsense with that color, then it works good for you.
  1. Week 1: #0000FF – good CTR
  2. Week 2: #000080 – extremely good CTR (Best CTR for me)
  3. Week 3: #21588E – if none is good then this color might boost your CTR.
The last part which you need to change on your Adsense unit is the link color. The link is the link to the advertisers below the advertisements. There are two possibilites here: either you make it the same as the URL color to attract attention to the whole ad unit or (my choice) make it the text you used in the Ad-unit, or just grey (#CCCCCC). When people read the link it could be that they decide not to click on the ad because they realise it is an advertisement. I think that the advertisements that get clicked most are looking very similar to the surrounding content. I do not want the readers to look on the link, I want them to look on the URL and click it. That’s why you should make it the same color as your text, or simply grey to make sure your Adsense URL has full attention. Track your changes with your adsense channels. Make a channel for every ad-unit so that you can see if a color performs well, or not.
Best Adsense setup

Best Adsense setup

It might be difficult to compare all those numbers. Humans need something visual, so try using an addon for firefox named GraphSense. It allows you to upload your .csv files to instantly get graphs showing CTR, eCPM, Clicks and earnings. It makes tracking changes a lot easier :-).To conclude – try to make your advertisements look as content. URL color = 000080, border color = your background color, background color = your background color, text color = your blog’s text color, link color = your text color or grey. That is what works best for me and also does for several other people. Testing is the way for you to get most earnings. Google provides a powerful tool – the channels.Use the channels and you will be able to maximize your earnings.Check out the picture, it pretty much sums it up. Default advertisements should be made by you too. You can advertise for your other websites when there is no ad to display. That way you get absoluetly everything out of Adsense. If you do not understand anything at all then you can read my step by step guide to increase your CTR. Good luck and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.