Whenever Content is not King: Force Google to love your site.

Posted on Oct 16, 2010 in SEO
Google, for ages, has been promoting the motto “content is king”. Their claim is that if you write good content, traffic will, somehow, magically, appear. They claim that the initial visitors will themselves promote the page if the content is good, leading to naturally formed backlinks, which in turn will lead to a higher Google ranking and eventually result in even higher traffic. This whole concept of visitors promoting the page themselves is called natural link building. A simple example is a blogger reading your blog, liking its content and giving you a backlink in his next blog post wherein s/he mentions your page.

Example: Sometimes this does not work

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Here we have an understandably frustrated blogger who analyzed his traffic stats to find, much to his disappointment, that Google was driving a miniscule percentage of traffic to his blog. We made a simple pie chart to show just how much Google was helping his blog.

He had been following what Google had been telling him – write great content and visitors will come. So he wrote great content, a fact further underscored by the hordes of visitors from Stumbleupon and Digg. But Google showed no love for it even after the high traffic rate.It’s clear that if you need to rank high in Google, you need to promote links yourself. You can no longer write a great article and sit back and wait for backlinks. So how do you build backlinks?

Not Link Exchange, that’s for sure

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Benjamin on virtuosimedia.com explains why manual link exchange doesn’t work. There’s too much work involved for too little gains. Besides, there’s no guarantee that your backlink will remain for more than a day, even if you do get it in the first place. There are plenty of con artists out there who want a backlink to their site for nothing in return, and they will go to any lengths to achieve that. And further, Google and other search engines no longer seem to be too fond of this concept.

Beware of the BLOOP

You cannot go out all guns blazing while trying to build backlinks, either. Most ‘experts’ who try to build backlinks too fast get slammed with BLOOPBacklink Over Optimization Penalty. That can drive your website off the face of Google for weeks! Definitely not a good thing to happen if you are dealing with intense competition that doesn’t allow you to be on the backfoot for even a day.It’s clear that if you want backlinks, they have to seem natural to Google. Note the emphasis on seem. They don’t necessarily have to be natural! So how do you trigger seemingly natural backlinks to your site? Surprisingly, there is a very simple way to do so:

Press Releases

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Now, a press release is not something you can churn out every day simply to generate traffic. But it is an amazingly easy way to trigger backlinks to your site. A professionally written press release can garner plenty of attention from bloggers, who will happily write about it on their blogs, linking back to your site. You no longer have to worry about dealing with shady webmasters who ask for link exchange. You now have genuine bloggers writing for you and linking back to your site – for free! Can there be an easier way?


Link exchanges, directory listings, blog commenting…All of these manual link building methods are not only time consuming, they are also becoming quickly ineffective. As more and more bloggers misuse these link building methods and as search engines get smarter, the only types of links that will last you in the long run are those that seem natural. Issuing press releases is one way to quickly garner links, though there are other ways as well.