What is an Autoblog?

Posted on May 17, 2010 in AutobloggingBlogging

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Autoblogs are the scum of the internet. No really, the only thing they do is reproduce content, by either creating duplicate content or rewriting the original article found somewhere else on a website.Autoblogs work according to RSS feeds and are also called blog scrapers. Listen to the video below where I give an summary of this post and some of my autoblog examples. If you can’t stand my voice, read on…

Where does the content come from?

This part is what makes people both sick and angry. The software you use is actually extracting (hehe – yea nice definition) content  from other blogs and websites. Some call it stealing… I would rather call it aggregating user content. Autoblogs work according to keyword search and RSS feeds.Want an example of one of my autoblogs? I set up an technology blog not long ago which syndicates content from big tech blogs out there (note the green/blue squares are where my advertisments are going to be placed). Now I would recommend you to use WordPress as most software (plugins in this case) for autoblogging is aimed to be used by that specific platform. Skip Blogger and Drupal for the moment as for those platforms, you need to know a lot about their way of coding. Most autobloggers out there are already optimizing their plugins to be used by WordPress so it’s best that you just tackle along.In my step-by-step guide I will show you what settings you should use and I’ll provide you with a complete WordPress installation folder so the only thing you have to do is get a database and activate all the plugins.

Why do autoblogs work?

The difference with whitehat blogs is that you do not create original/unique content. With autoblogs you are always competing with the websites you scrape content from. Take this image as an example for the traffic you could be getting in the first few weeks of your autoblogging career:

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Traffic StatsIt’s difficult to rank above the original article website, I’ve had a few cases with which my promotion plugin managed to snatch me a first position ABOVE the original article creator. They must’ve been pissed to be beaten by a one-paragraph-duplicate-content page. It happens a lot actually, but at that time it gave me about 3.000 visitors a day alone. Here is another keyword search result page (dutch though) for which is hardly any competition but still rank second for. (no promotion done yet so far):

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Search Results and RankAutoblogs have potential to give you a full-time income for sure.I’ll save a post to discuss the plugins you need.
This post is part of the step-by-step guide for setting up an autoblog.