We screwed up, sorry @problogger

Posted on Jun 1, 2009 in Blogging
We recently wrote a post containing exaggerated accusations which made Darren Rowse (@problogger) look really bad. Haven’t we all screwed something up in the past? Probably yes, but nonetheless, Mark and me seriously did something utterly wrong.Our post was neither well elaborated nor based on any real evidence. It was more a personal attack on Darren Rowse than a well researched article. Furthermore we did not fully understand the concept of ProBlogger.net, which is not to be 100% niche, but to provide bloggers resources about everything related to blogging.We don’t want to beg for your pardon Darren, we just want to let you know that we feel wrong, sorry and simply ashamed of the mess we produced. We overtake full responsibility for everything that happened.Sorry to our readers as well, you subscribed to us to stay informed about new quality content, which the mentioned post surely wasn’t.We have not yet been able to make a personal excuse to Darren but we will do so asap.