Twitter Addicted?

Posted on Jan 3, 2009 in Social Media
Welcome to the first Twitter post on DuoBlogger!.Are you blogging and a Twitter Addict? Well, your not alone :) Hendrik and me are already caught up by this trend.
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Addicted?Like any good addiction, the first step is always admitting you have the addiction. For many of us, Twitter is that addiction. We find ourselves Twittering from work, twittering from parties, from bars, from the car. Of course from our mobiles, you name it, we addicts are Twittering from it. On the other hand, there are still a few that remain of the faction that Twitter is a time waster and provides no value.

Well for the addict like you and me we are introduced to Tweetrush, and TweetStats. Two very systematic web app that provides you with your Twitter usage metrics. Now, after typing in your Twitter Name in the search bar, you can receive a breakdown of your usage and find out just how addicted you are.
Tweetrush + TweetstatsTweetrush was built on the analytics engine called Rush Hour, which basically looks at actions taken by a user, such as typing and sending a message via Twitter. Tracking can be done via the website and also through the various API’s that exist for the web application.Tweetstats on the other hand is built using the Gnip data collector. Which is practically the same as Rush Hour. Tweetrush Graph: Information can be tracked for the last 7 days of usage:

tweets_per_day The tracking can even break down by the hour of usage:


Tweetstats Graph:


No matter how you slice, it, Tweetrush and Tweetstats are excellent tools for measuring your addiction, providing useful information on usage per hour and day, but ultimately also reveal just how much of your life Twitter has taken over. Give it a try and learn to live with the addiction, Twitter is not going anywhere soon!What can we learn from this?Twitter is as any instant messenger, an valuable tool when it comes to promoting your site. The time you spend twittering should be reflected in the amount of value you can get out of twitter into your site. By this I mean, if you twitter only fot the social part then you are not wasting your time in my opinion. If you twitter for your business and you aren’t getting any traffic out of twitter, then I suggest adjusting your tweets and start a bit more social life on twitter. Time invested in twitter = traffic received?
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to throw me or Hendrik a Tweet or an email.