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Posted on Nov 13, 2008 in Blogging
As you might have noticed I have now installed a top-commentators plugin on my wordpress blog. The plugin shows the people that commented most as a widget. What might sound like a SEO-horror for old time SEO experts is a nice way of getting visitors on your blog.The top commentator plugin rocks – if there is anyone telling you the opposite – take out a fish and slap him twice. But why do people find your blog just because of this plugin?It’s very easy, the key to all SEO these days is getting links to your blog. Bloggers are always searching for dofollow blogs where they can comment (dofollow means there is no nofollow attribute on hyperlinks). Nofollow is a SEO killer – your backlinks do not get credited if it they have the nofollow attribute. Consequently you will be in the need of dofollow links. The top commentator plugin provides such links.So, to sum it up – Bloggers are searching for dofollow blogs where they can comment to get more links to their website. But, you are not mainly targeting those (you will need a nofollow-free plugin for wordpress to do so) you are targeting the ones that are searching for “top commentators” + blog (not sure about the exact code, if you know it, please let me know, thanks). Those people will find your blog there and are eager to write comments. The reason for that is simple – the top commentators are hyperlinked without a nofollow attribute. That means, if your blog is relatively popular they are getting an authority link! That’s exactly what people are looking for – free dofollow high page rank links. Nonetheless, don’t search for high page rank links – page rank does not matter. It only indicates the time that is required for your site to get indexed by google.So, using this addon will attract new people to your blog. Make sure you reset the statistics every month, because that way they are forced to comment every month. They will come back and every page impression means money for you.So, let’s get started – download the top commentators plugin. Unzip it, open your FTP application and place the content of the .zip in your /wp-content/plugins folder. Go into your “WordPress settings”, go to “plugins” and enable the top commentator extension. Next step is to go into the “Design”, “Widgets” and then drag the plugin onto your sidebar. Voila, you got it installed and working.
My commentator settings

My top commentator settings

The next step is the correct configuration of the plugin. Use the settings I used. You can find them in the picture on the left, and yes,I think they are best. Reading my article you should by now agree on that.You could perhaps set the time until the counter gets reseted a little longer, but that depends on you. I like my visitors to return every month, nonetheless it might be a little unfair for your old fan-readers who are subscribed and commented for months. Decide yourself which value you want to place there. Make sure to make the links nofollow-free. Again, the bloggers are searching for your blog to get top dofollow links – no nofollow links.Some of you are probably rolling their eyes and say: “OMG NOES – MY PR WILL GET LOWER!!11!”. Yes, the Page Rank of your forum posts will not be as high anymore. Nonetheless – Page Rank does not matter, so don’t even bother about it. Quality back links do and you will get more of them with more people reading your blog. I will tell you something: Google is known to check the incoming links to webpages, whenever they do so they also occasionally send Robots to those sites. That means, linking to other pages will get all of your pages indexed better and faster. Outgoing links do as well matter for SEO, that’s for sure. Google loves blogs and user generated content, that’s why they also love the top commentators. Trust me – it is a good strategy. See this blog and you will notice that high-pr sites have the plugin installed as well. If you have some time I can only recommend you to do some commenting on those blogs. Most of them are old, valuable blogs – especially valuable in terms of link juice.I found out about the next method on Hugo Santos blog. At the end of the month he is writing a post which contains the names of the users who commented most in the last month. It as well contains a link to their websites. That’s very fair – the users are getting a permanent one way link from your blog and also get a well-deserved thanks.In a nutshell, I don’t see anything bad in the top commentators plugin for your blog. I only see benefits, it is a very good way of getting organic traffic and readers to your blog.