Top 5 Ways to Build Your Reputation As a Subject Matter Expert on LinkedIn

Posted on Jun 10, 2010 in FeaturedLinkedInSocial Media
Besides being a mighty useful business networking tool, LinkedIn can also be your vehicle to build credibility as a subject matter expert in your field of choice. Learn how you can be someone other users look up to by employing these 10 ways to build your reputation as a knowledgeable expert on LinkedIn.

1. Follow up each invitation with a personalized introductory message

So you’ve accepted some invitations to be part of your contacts’ network today. What else can you do to follow up and tell them that they have indeed made the right choice in adding you to their network?To do: Write them a personalized message, include quick points about what you can do and ways for them to reach you, i.e. emails, blog and any forums that you own. This will let them see that you have some form of authority on the Internet and will pave the way for future business opportunities.

2. Take advantage of your Profile and improve visibility for your Websites

Again, you want to appear as someone who has adequate authority on the World Wide Web. Tell your contacts what websites you are a part of; what blogs you author and where one can find your online portfolio for future reference.To do: Make full use of your Profile and fill in the three slots available. Choose wisely and select the websites that can showcase the strength of your expertise. For example, if you are a writer you may want to show off your writing prowess by including sites containing your writing samples or articles:

3. Blog regularly about LinkedIn

You won’t be recognized as a reputable LinkedIn user if you don’t talk about your experience using the site. Be generous, and share tips that will benefit new users and impress veterans alike.To do: You can either start a blog about your LinkedIn networking experiences or include regular posts about the what’s, how’s and why’s of LinkedIn professional networking in your blog. Don’t forget to grab your own LinkedIn vanity URL and include this link wherever you can to make it easier for users to locate you.

4. Join relevant Groups and share your expertise

You know what they say: Give some and receive more in return! By joining Groups that are relevant to your area of expertise, you are able to help shed light on your capabilities AND at the same time, learn from others who are adept in your industry.

To do: Check out the Groups Directory, browse relevant Categories and select the best Groups that apply to you. Don’t forget, quality over quantity!

5. Sprinkle keywords relevant to your subject matter expertise

Remember, a little SEO won’t hurt so do read up about how to optimize the spaces that you have been given.

To do: A good place to start is in the Summary section within your Profile. Find keywords that would make it easier for others to search for the terms and find you.