Optimizing AdSense: The Best Title Color

Posted on Apr 17, 2010 in AdsenseAdvertising
AdSense GiraffeThe color of the title is probably the biggest factor when looking at your CTR. Of course there are tons of factors involved when looking at improving your revenue, but in this article I want you to look further into psychologically optimizing your title color.

Mr. Giraffe says: Link Recognition!

The internet is full with links, behind every link is another one with more information or files. We got used to the fact that most links are colored the same way as each other. Depending on the background, links are mostly colored blueish. This gives users the ability to navigate and scan a page very quickly. On websites that have a black background on the other hand, it takes far longer to scan and recognize links to further resources. Black backgrounds are mostly used for games and some other niches, but if you want to completely optimize your revenue go for a white background. This allows you to take the advantage of the color recognition of the everyday internet user.

How to Catch the Attention of the Visitor to an Ad?

This can be accomplished in several ways, you can make the ad unit stand out of the content, but then the problem arrises that the visitor will see the ad as non-content (not the part of what he/she is looking for) and that means that he/she identifies it as an advertisement and will skip it. Basically the nightmare of any publisher.Now that there are tons of advertisers on AdWords, Google can give such relevant ads that those ads are actually an extension to your content. So you must always present them to your visitor as a new resource where he can digest more information about the subject he was looking for. After all, that was probably the main reason he stumbled upon your website.

To Blue or Not to Blue

There are a lot of blue tinted colors available. Not only that but every color has it’s own attributes, such as standing out, being aggressive or not and being easy on the eyes. They all contribute to how the ad will perform and as such you should experiment which one works best for you.Some examples: #417394 #0066cc #000fcc #0000ff #000080The best and easiest way to optimize the title color is to take the color of your links on your website and use that for your advertisements.For more tips like these, check out our Complete AdSense guide.