Teenagers and Making Money Online

Posted on Nov 11, 2008 in Blogging
I came across Melvin’s blog and I really like it. He made a post that was entitled “Why Teens Should Try Making Money By Now.” Melvin is the owner of Melvinblog which is a blog about making money online and various other subjects.In this post Melvin has talked about his personal experiences with making money online as a teenager. He shares with us why people question him and don’t understand why he blogs. He has also posted a list of  spectacular reasons as to why he does this. You should definitely check it out!I found this post very interesting because I am also a teenager trying to make money blogging. I can relate to this post that Melvin made. I am only 19 years old believe it or not :) . Internet marketing and blogging is still very new to me, but in just this short period of time I have learned more then some have in their lifetime. All this knowledge I share with my readers and I am still learning as I go. You can never know too much when to comes to pretty much anything…there is always something out there to learn.The thing I love most about blogging and internet marketing is that everyone can do it. Most 16 to 23 year olds do not own their own business. I am 19 and I do own my own business and that business is my blog. I think that if teenagers had the knowledge to know that they could do this, more teenagers would be getting involved in this kind of thing.As I am still a teenager, I want to know how many other teenagers out their own a blog. I want to see just how old my readership base is and where you guys come from as to compared to myself.If you are a reader of my blog, then I ask you this question…How old are you and what are your thoughts and opinion on teenagers making money online?