Talking with AdWords expert @fuzzone about AdSense

Posted on Apr 30, 2009 in AdsenseAdvertisingVideo Channel
We publishers must care about advertisers, once again, another interesting interview that confirms. Originally we wanted to talk about AdSense channels only with Kunle Campbell (@fuzzone) but then we broadened the topic a little. It turned out that we first reviewed his ad placements ( and then went on to talk about the original AdSense channels.

We have to care about our advertisers

Yes, you heard right. We need to make sure that advertisers will advertise on our site using AdWords as that will get us a nice CPC. We also must make sure that they get quality clicks, as the more they get the more they invest the more we get.You guys also wanna make sure to check out his updated ad placements, they are pretty good now :-).Thank you very much Kunle, you rock!