Study: Reducing CTR increases PPC. Increasing your earnings?

Posted on Oct 4, 2010 in Adsense
With lots of speculation I finally managed to do a 20 day study on CTR related PPC change (Click-Through-Rate vs. Pay Per Click). This finally proves that AdSense undoubtedly decreases your PPC if you add too many AdSense units on your website. In this scenario I removed several AdSense units to see the impact on the PPC. The question here: Is the CTR loss lower than the PPC increase? Check out this video.
Summing the video up: The decrease in CTR was way higher than the increase in PPC. The CTR decreased by around 70% and the PPC went up by 50%. In total this experiment shows that it’s still better to go for more than lass advertisements.The tool I used for tracking is our iPhone App: DuoSense.