Social Hacking – How millions of Users hack Visa and MasterCard

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 in Tech

The recent hacks on Visa and MasterCard are an interesting social media topic: Social hacking. A group of hackers has been taking out sites that cancel relationships with Wikileaks and now invite everyone to join the process of hacking. They are calling this Operation Payback.

The technique: DDoS explained

Open up a website and repeatedly reload the website. By downloading data and performing actions you cause load on the server. One person alone is not enough, you will need hundreds of people doing exactly the same simultaneously. Previously hackers used to infect other computers with Trojans to then use those computers to DDoS other websites (typically for a lot of money). With a 100,000 users loading a website every server can be crashed.

Social Hacking?

On top of using infected computers Team ANON invites everyone to join their Operation Payback. They are offering instructions how everybody can participate and start DDoSing their targets. A broad attack like this can most likely not be tracked by Visa or MasterCard. They would need to sue thousands and thousands of users.What can big companies do against attacks like this? Are internet users coming together to ensure free information on the internet? I don’t know, but this is very interesting.