Optimizing AdSense: The Best URL color

Posted on Apr 17, 2010 in AdsenseAdvertising
Did you know that a slight change to your ad’s URL color can already result in 10 percent more earnings? This post is dedicated the the often ignored URL, we will be discussing the best URL colors for your AdSense units. The expert helping me with this issue is Mr. Parrot. Thanks for your time!AdSense Parrot

Mr. Parrot says: Blend your URL color!

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Parrot. You will need to merge your ad’s design with the surrounding design of your website. This is crucial because – who likes looking at advertisements? People will not read through yours ads when they realize that they are being monetized.Typically AdSense publishers resort to a Green URL color. The word typically already indicates the problem. Something that all people use results in a pattern. We may not use a pattern with our ads, patterns result in banner blindness and banner blindness results in no money for us.Do the following experiment: Look at an AdSense unit with a green URL color, ask yourself, where are you looking at? For me that’s the URL color. I instantly see that way that I am looking at an ad. The best URL is actually no URL. Unfortunately it’s not allowed to remove the URL, but we can use a trick discussed below…

The best URL colors

but we can apply a trick, by blending the URL we make it somewhat invisible.. That’s done by coloring your URL the same as your AdSense Text color. In case you are using a black for the Text color you’ll also need to use that exact color as your URL color. Check out the change in performance for some time, you will see a difference.Another option we sometimes suggest is to go for a greyish URL color, that has somewhat a similar effect to using your unit’s text color.This post is part of our Complete AdSense guide, check it out for further tips.