Optimizing AdSense: The best border color

Posted on Apr 21, 2010 in Advertising
In this article we will be discussing the best border colors for your AdSense advertisements. The border plays a major role and will make your visitor decide whether to click the ad or not. Changing the border color to a better one can result in an increase in revenue of 30-50%. To analyze this issue Mr. Hippo joins the discussion (African AdSense publisher and waste-water consultant).

Mr. Hippo suggest: Blend your Border color!

I could not agree more. It is crucial that you blend your borders. Blending means that we merge our ads’ design with the design of our surrounding content. What prevents our users from clicking an advertisement is the fact that they are looking at an advertisement. If we are able to convey the message that instead they are looking at a useful link we will benefit from a way higher Click-Through-Rate. What does that mean for us? We need to remove our border. Unfortunately, AdSense does not allows us to remove it… But… We can make it invisible.

Making your border invisible

It’s fairly easy, what’s the color of your surrounding content? Simply color your border that color. To find out you can either check your stylesheet, use an image editing software or install an addon for your browser. Colorzilla is a good one for FireFox. Let’s assume your surrounding background color is white, then you also need to color your AdSense unit’s border color white. White on white is invisible. That’s it, enjoy your increase in revenue :-).This post is part of our complete AdSense guide, check it out for further good AdSense resources.