My new green computer

Posted on Dec 1, 2008 in Personal
I gotta apologize…. I have not been writing a lot recently, one reason for that is my new super green computer. If you ask me then we all should start supporting our environment, using old, power-intensive computers will damage our precious environment. We only have one environment and although we humans are only temporary with 100 years of life, we should also start thinking about future generations. Within 200 years mankind used almost all of nature’s resources which took billions of years to develop.

Yosemite national park

Nature kicks ass… Oh I was reminded of going green when I checked the old SD card in my camera…. There were some pictures of my trip to California in 2007. I am attaching it – it is Yosemite national park in California. One of the most stunning places on earth. I still remember driving through there, I only feel that way if I see something truly amazing – I had this strange feeling that I was nothing – nature was so overwhelming and breathtaking that I simply felt temporary (in a gamer’s words: owned). I mean, take into consideration, humans live 100 years and it takes 10000 years for the Grand Canyon to cut itself 10 centimeter deeper into the rock. We are nothing, we are just a very small part of the nature-complex. Taking us out of nature will have no effect on anything – we will just fade away and the life-cycle will go on for billions of years more.I am getting emotional lol. In fact I am almost starting crying right now :-(. I wanna go there again as fast as possible :-(. The next time I want to take my girlfriend with me. I still remember the lonely block-houses in zion national park. Taking her there is one of my biggest dreams :-).
My green computer

My green computer

Back to topic: I think that we should use our nature, but not destroy it. So what I did, I build together a computer with only energy-saving parts. My computer before was consuming way too much power…. My graphic card in idle mode alone was using around 50 Watts, which is way too much. Attaching a picture of my new computer.I am really sorry for all the cables lol. I really need to work on my cable-management. What is not shown on the picture is a USB-hub which I bought. That way I can quickly use all the USB devices on my other computers, especially useful for my EEEpc-901. You just need to take 1 cable and plug it in one USB port and you got all the devices available attached to the Hub.So, posting some specs for the hardware gurus hehe:- AMD AM2+ e9350 (only 65 Watts when fully used) - Nvidia Geforce GTX260 - 4 GB OCZ 1080 MHZ DDR2 Ram - M3N-HT Mainboard for Hybrid-SLI - 550 Watt PSU 86 percent efficiencyIn office my Power-counter shows me that I am using 80 Watts, which is quite good compared to my other computer. We should all care about our environment :-).