Make Money with Google Maps

Posted on Sep 23, 2009 in Adsense

Monetize Google Maps

Google introduced a new map ad unit a while ago, and this let’s you monetize Google maps. You can find it within the AdSense for Maps portfolio, which you have to create with Google Maps API. Find more information on how to set Google Maps ads by following shown link.
A GAdsManager object fetches AdSense for Maps ads and displays them on the specified map.
Before you get into this mess of coding, you first need to understand how you can insert Google Maps into your website. It’s really dynamic way of advertising – as users scroll around the map, they get relevant ads based on the place they currently are looking at. So it does have potential.
Google Map ads

Google Map ads

Inserting the Google Ad code into Maps

You enable the Maps Ad Unit by specifying an ‘adunit’ style within the GAdsManagerOptions object. Make sure to also specify your publisher ID within the GAdsManager constructor as well. You will receive advertising revenue right away for any clicks on the ads that are done for your API app. Optionally, you can also insert your own Channel ID to track it’s performance.Look below for the code you have to insert into the GAdsManager:
var publisher_id = yourPublisherID;var adsManagerOptions = { maxAdsOnMap : 2, style: ‘adunit’, // The channel field is optional – replace this field with a channel number // for Google AdSense tracking channel: ‘your_channel_id’ };adsManager = new GAdsManager(map, publisher_id, adsManagerOptions); adsManager.enable();
See a live example of the Google ads on the map by following this link.Cheers,Mark