Maintaining your AdSense CTR: New feature to rotate colors.

Posted on Oct 15, 2010 in Adsense
With returning visitors your CTR subsequently decreases. The AdSense team just introduced a really awesome feature to counter this phenomenom: Rotating colors. To set this up you simply have to select multiple color palettes during the ad-creation process!

Our enemy: Banner-Blindness

Returning visitors get used to the colors and thus become blind to the look of your ads. This is known as banner blindness. Google just introduced a color rotating feature, allowing you to maintain your CTR on the longterm.By rotating your colors you can effectively make sure that your ads always look different. This way the ads somewhat always look different and still attract attention.

Rotate Title and URL only!

Do not rotate anything other than your URL and Title color. Changing your background and border color will make your ads really stand out and annoy users. Changing those will greatly reduce your Click Through Rate.Title color: I suggest trying out different Blue colors for your title. Blue has proven to be the color that works best for your advertisements. For people using their website’s link as title, go for slightly different colors here.URL color: Rotate between #CCCCCC and the color of your AdSense unit’s text color. This is only a minor rotation, but should help nicely.Rotating the colors yourself? Let us know what you think works best.