LinkedIn vs Facebook: 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Rocks Facebook networking

Posted on Jun 9, 2010 in LinkedInSocial Media
We all know how large Facebook and LinkedIn’s following is but most do not realize just now divided the social networking community is when they are asked to choose sides. In being part of the perpetual Facebook vs LinkedIn debate, we help shed some light on why we chose LinkedIn as our desired social networking entity. Here are 5 reasons why LinkedIn rocks our socks, way harder than Facebook can!

1. Privacy features? LinkedIn wins hands down

When it comes to privacy, you didn’t think Facebook would win this one especially with their recent privacy fiasco on the World Wide Web, didn’t you? The media attacks on Facebook’s privacy policy painted what is unarguably the world’s most popular social networking site in a pretty bad light. It also didn’t help that its founder Mark Zuckerberg’s conversation between a friend in Harvard surfaced after lying dormant for seven years. The instant messages showed Zuckerberg (“Zuck”) somewhat gloating over the fact that he has got his hands on personal information belonging to 4000-odd fellow students and that he was ready to “share” this information while completely disregarding any privacy policy whatsoever. Tell us if you want:
  • Your private information shared with the masses?
  • To have unknown sites analyzing your information without you knowing?
  • To possibly have your information sold off for a profit
To be fair, an article by Computer World illustrated that Facebook was not really lacking in the privacy department. Privacy certification was properly enforced by both Facebook and LinkedIn. Both social networking sites also had strict privacy policies, but it was LinkedIn who truly shined when it comes to privacy settings. While it’s true that Facebook was able to give its users more control over privacy settings, LinkedIn on the other hand lets you see who has viewed your profile and gives you the ability to block people from peeking at your connections. In comparison, it seems to Facebook is trying to automatically share users’ data with third party websites! That’s like handing out your phone number and SSN to strangers in the street! You’d be able to opt out of this policy but by default everyone’s not exempt to this preposterous idea.

2. Ads

We admit Facebook ads are really attractive but LinkedIn ads on the other hand, are targeted to business professionals who WANT to spend money without being persuaded by tons of misleading ads. You can narrow down your target audience even further by zeroing in on their job functions, geographical demographics and other keywords.

3. Profile-friendliness

Again, LinkedIn trumps over Facebook. Click on a friend’s Facebook profile and the first thing you will encounter is his Wall, not the Info tab on his profile. What can one see here?
  • XX commented on ABC’s status
  • XX found some Lilies and would like to share a bunch with you (via Farmville)

Is this really beneficial to the person who’s looking at your profile? Or would you rather have a profile that dispenses useful information about yourself, enabling you to be found by a contact bearing a potential business opportunity? The LinkedIn profile image below illustrates this point. Isn’t it much more ordered?

4. Business networking viability

Can Facebook be used as a means for business networking? For one, employees may get too distracted by social games and quizzes and decrease productivity, what with addictive games like Farmville and Pet Society becoming a fixture with most Facebook fans. Companies are also concerned that their employees may be unknowingly sharing more company details than they are aware of.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is made specifically for business networking in mind. Giving and getting recommendations, granting introductions and simply interacting with your business contacts all contribute to enhancing a better business environment.

If you are all for using Facebook for business, you may want to check out this article on 32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business.

5. Self-promotion and visibility

Again, LinkedIn wins hands down. You CAN create business pages to promote your company or products and services on Facebook but there’s just too many distractions on your Wall. Sure, you can interact with potential customers but you would also have to fend off random spam and other people hijacking your Wall to promote their offerings.LinkedIn profiles on the other hand is made specially for self-promotion and career advancement. Want a new job? Need to make the switch and go freelance full time? Want to joint venture and start your own company? LinkedIn is THE social networking site to go. Besides, you can increase your blog post visibility by publishing it directly to your profile and LinkedIn groups of your choice. So, instead of being seen by just 100 of your friends on Facebook, your blog post could be read by 10,000 people in your LinkedIn group network. Of course, we’re not saying LinkedIn is almighty and untouchable. There is definitely room for improvement, which will be outlined in our next article “Top 3 Improvements Users Would Like to See for LinkedIn”