LinkedIn DirectAds now support Local Targeting

Posted on Jul 3, 2010 in LinkedIn
LinkedIn recently introduced a new feature to their DirectAds which we previously reviewed here. They are now allowing targeting of local areas within a country. For those who don’t know yet, LinkedIn ads are probably the best ads for everyone active in the B2B area.

The Winner: Local Businesses

With the enhanced functionality local businesses can now way better allocate their marketing dollars. The problem with advertising is always that you are not able to target your audience nicely, especially for local businesses. With this new feature B2B companies are able to target other businesses and then even local ones!Think of the following, a consulting company is specialized on local clients for a city. Before with non LinkedIn ads they had 90% consumers targeted, now with LinkedIn 100% businessmen. However, countrywide businessmen. Now with the new targeting the company can target local businessmen, exactly what they are looking for.

What about Geobidding?

I am thinking that an advanced bidding algorithm allowing Geobidding may be nice to add in the future. It seems like LinkedIn is performing steps right into that direction.The following features would come alongside with geobidding:
  • Fair prices for clicks
  • Higher marketing ROI
  • More advertisers, thus better quality of ads
All in all this is a really good step into the right direction. I am really excited to see the upcoming features.