5 Best Social Media Aggregators for managing LinkedIn

Posted on Jun 18, 2010 in LinkedInSocial Media
“Lifestreaming.”“Social media aggregation.”What do all these words mean to you? For me, these are tools that will help transform social media services into wondrous benefits. And according to DoshDosh.com, these benefits include:

1.1 The ability to network with like-minded individuals

Social media aggregators help connect us to everyone else. And with so little limitations to be had, participants can discuss the information they share, either on the aggregator site or the original site. Social media aggregation sites are all basically a single vast learning platform – one that lets you be a spectator AND a participant at the same time! Lifestreaming services also lets you in on your friends’ and other strangers’ lives, giving you an insight on how they communicate. It’s up to you to join in or observe.

1.2 Source of (somewhat) juicy information

A social media aggregation site is a great place to be if you seek information. By following active users, you stand to gain tons of new information daily – Sometimes even straight from the horses’ mouths! – especially if they are experts in their fields.

1.3 Widen your horizon, expand your reach

How many blogs do you write? What social networking profiles would you like to promote? Social media aggregation sites can easily let you establish your online presence and expand your reach in cyberspace without drawing too much attention to a single channel. Life’s not all about Twitter, you know.With all that’s said, let’s look at six of the best social media aggregator tools and how we can use them to spread a little LinkedIn love.

2. Using TweetDeck to update and view your LinkedIn stream

Touted as “your personal real-time browser”, TweetDeck is a highly useful tool that can be used to connect you and your contacts across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and its latest addition – Google Buzz.Today we’ll talk about how we can use TweetDeck to update our LinkedIn status. With TweetDeck, you can also add a LinkedIn column to the app, bringing along your LinkedIn network and showing updates just like the ones you typically see in the conventional LinkedIn website.First, you need to install TweetDeck. Then you need to add either a Twitter, Facebook or MySpace account before you can proceed with the LinkedIn column and updates. For now, I will enter my Twitter account details and I suggest you do the same :-)

TweetDeck will validate your account details, and voila – You’re in TweetDeck! The next step is to add your LinkedIn account. See the little LinkedIn button at the top? Click on that and add a LinkedIn account to TweetDeck.

Upon successful login, save your settings on TweetDeck. You can now add LinkedIn columns to your TweetDeck. You can choose to show Status updates, new Recommendations, Connections and other details but to avoid clutter, you should only choose to display selected items. Personally I’d opt for Status, Connections and probably LinkedIn Groups that I’m active in.

Now, you can see two icons at the top – one for your Twitter account and the other for your LinkedIn profile. Tip: ALWAYS check to see which profile you are posting from – We don’t want unintentional boo-boos do we? Don’t forget the #in hash-tag if you’re posting from Twitter. This ensures that only posts containing this hash-tag gets updated to your LinkedIn stream!

2. Post LinkedIn updates from Posterous via email

Now, updating your LinkedIn status is a breeze! It is no secret that Posterous is a favorite of mine. For crying out loud, Posterous beats Tumblr in simplicity. Late last year, Posterous announced that they now support LinkedIn status updates and since then I have been using it to update my LinkedIn profile.The beauty of it all is that there is no need to setup a Posterous account. All you need is a single email address and you will be able to post to your new Posterous blog (and your LinkedIn status update) from that email address. Just write something like you would normally compose a new email and send it to post@posterous.com. However if you want to post status updates from your email via Posterous, you need to post to the right email address as illustrated below.

Got that down pat? Good! Now compose a new message and write your desired LinkedIn status update.

By then you would have already set up your Posterous account. Add your LinkedIn account and go back to your composed message, and send to linkedin@posterous.com. In my case, I will be posting to my site so the email address I’ll be sending the update to is linkedin@suet.posterous.com.So there you go – Updating your LinkedIn status via email is easy breezy via Posterous!

3. YooNo – a great multi-platform browser Addon

YouNo is yet another site that allows you to “Simplify Your Online Social Life” in its own words. The difference is that YooNo offers its users two options:
  • Download the browser add-on (only for Chrome and FireFox users)
  • Desktop app (for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)

I downloaded the YooNo Chrome add-on and linked my LinkedIn account to it – all in less than 22 seconds. I love the fact that you get a compact version of LinkedIn when you let YooNo manage your social network connections. Everything is downsized to a single pop-up window with three main tabs – Update, Friends and Notifications. This is perfect for those who want to see the most important updates in a single, narrower window instead of letting your eyes roam all over the main LinkedIn site. In short, YooNo lets you navigate post updates to your LinkedIn status and view all important updates effortlessly.

4. Profilactic – another easy to use aggregator.

I first stumbled upon Profilactic as one of the most user friendly lifestreaming solutions late last year. This social media aggregator readily supports a massive 190 social sites and that’s not including the custom sites you can add yourself.

Once you sign up, you will be required to create what they call your own Mashup. Setup your LIfestream by integrating your LinkedIn account as well as other social networking account of your choice. You can then post updates to your LinkedIn profile and see what your friends are up to by checking in to their Lifestream as well.

5. Xeesm – an aggregator for businessmen.

Xeesm, pronounced “see sum” is yet another social media aggregator that has proven to be quite useful in managing your online persona. However, Xeesm has a more businesslike undertone to it, which is apparent in its pitch directed to business professionals.

Setting up an account is fast and easy and ultimately you get to choose your own vanity URL. Just post your updates, have it linked to your LinkedIn account and voila, yet another site that lets you post updates to your LinkedIn profile.