Leaving your Advertisements in place when upgrading vBulletin

Posted on Sep 21, 2010 in AdsenseAdvertisingvBulletin

Whenever updating your vBulletin forum all your template edits usually get lost. It’s very annoying as you manually have to add them again. So it is with your advertisements. You have to copy+paste the codes and embed them in your new style. This really takes a lot of time and is annoying. So, thanks to vBulletin’s inherit system we can make the process a lot easier!

Using master styles to make updating hassle-free

What I showed in the video was a master style I used. The child styles inherit customized templates from the parent style. In this case, they inherited the ad location templates.
  • Create a blank style. –> Add new Style. “Ad-Style”.
  • Go to the settings of your child style, set it as a child of the Ad-Style
  • Customize the ad location templates in the Ad-Style
  • The child style will inherit them. Make sure that you revert the to be-inherited templates in the child style first. They may not be red!
  • This does not work for edits you did in the navbar/showthread templates.
Hope this was helpful.If you are curious, check out my other post about the best vB4 ad locations.