Kontera Advantages: Why We Love Kontera

Posted on May 3, 2010 in Kontera
For some bloggers, Kontera can be quite a money earner especially when paired with good traffic and juicy content. Those looking to jump onto the Kontera bandwagon can opt to sign up and grab a piece of the piece. Should you need more reasons to get your own Kontera account, here are more benefits of signing up with Kontera.1. Kontera ads are unobtrusive After signing up with Kontera, you will be seeing certain words double-underlined scattered across your paragraphs. These are Kontera ads, and if you hover over them you’ll see an elegant pop-up depicting an advertiser’s ad. They may contain links, phrases or videos – but the bottom line is, they appear easy on the eyes and are professional-looking as well! Almost everyone knows that these double-underlined words are ads, and some are not averse to clicking them. This is what you need in order to earn more money from this contextual advertising network. In comparison to Google Adsense, Kontera ads can only be found in one place – and that is within your body text. Not scattered in little boxes on the side bars or between posts.2. Targeted ads, great for publishers and advertisers Kontera’s intelligent contextual ad system makes it so that the ads match the double-underlined words. Because it’s very targeted, people who click on these links will find them useful, and even enjoyable! This is good news for advertisers who are able to know that their ad campaigns have been successful, resulting in a win-win situation for all!3. Compatible with Google Adsense Initially Kontera publishers were irked because they were penalized by Google for showing Kontera ads on the same page as their Adsense ads. Then, Google deemed that it was okay to show them because the ads look very much different from each other. Now bloggers rejoice in the fact that they can earn from the two advertising giants simultaneously.4. A viable source of income It is no secret that Kontera can bring quite a lot of money for good bloggers but for those who have not enjoyed a sizeable pay check from them, there is the Kontera affiliate program to fall back on. The “Invite a Friend” program nets you $25 for each person that signs up through your link. That’s good money if you can regularly convince friends to sign up for Kontera!5. Easier to manage than Google Adsense There’s so many tweaking and testing done for Google Adsense ads that some may be discouraged to display it. Kontera on the other hand is easy to install. Just a quick copy-and-pasting of tags allows you to join the ranks of other accomplished Kontera users.6. Payments via PayPal Being paid via PayPal means that more people can enjoy regular earnings from Kontera. Forget waiting for ages for your check to arrive – PayPal is the way to go!