Increase Your Blogging Productivity With Post Templates

Posted on Dec 22, 2008 in Blogging
Since some weeks before the start of Duoblogger I’ve been thinking alot about how to save time writing blog posts. When you think about it it comes to mind that you can divide that easily in 3 parts listed below:Blog Post Templates Save You TimeIf you care about your own time, then this is the way to go. However when you think you are writing your best post ever, mind that it can take alot of time, and by that I mean hours, maybe weeks of adding content to a single post. Here are some reasons to get you on the way:
  • It is getting things done in action. Think about making your homework, my tactic was when you had to make a powerpoint presentation I always had some kind of template which I used to save some extra minutes. The template makes your post almost ready, like doing on the half part of the work.
  • It is a checklist. With all the points already writting down, your mind can wander off and think about something more intellectual stuff.
  • It is a guide.  The less you make misstakes, the less you need to edit your post, which in the end saves you time.
Blog Post Templates builds your styleThe important thing to remember while blogging (for money) is that your want your own style or brand. This depends heavily on how all your blog posts look like.
  • Common look and feel. Returning visitors except when they arrive on your blog that they will see something they are familiar with, only the content in the post is different. One easy way to fix this is downloading one of the thousands of WordPress Templates.
  • When you blog for money, AdSense is a very easy pick. Ask Hendrik on this blog anything about AdSense and he knows the answer. Integrating AdSense in custom themes is very simple and effective. Follow these tips on AdSense wrote by Hendrik to get maximized results.
Blog Post Templates saves your reader’s time
  • Readers do not Read. They scan the web. Take a quick look at the link I just gave you, scroll down and then answer my question: What was the first thing you noticed when you arrived on that page, and scrolled down?
  • Memorizing and building memory templates. Well formed posts are easier to remember and it is great value for the readers.
This post was written using the following template (which you can find below) and guidelines. Adopt it as is, change it, or create your own. The idea is not adapting my post template. The idea is Adopting the post template practice. Amen! 


[TITLE  - Using titles effectively on blogs - TITLE ][First Line. Hook. Ask questions. Say something intriguing. Get your potential reader hooked to make her/him read on.][Answer the questions. Make your statement. Think of sub headline in the newspaper article that generally says the essence of the post. This should make the reader read on to find out "how" or details on your take][insert picture from something related like Flickr][do not forget to give credit on picture, unless it is your own(legal purposes, and you help the person who made it)][Heading - help readers to scan the post][body and details - consider giving link love]
  • Bullet 1. Explanation.
  • Bullet 2. Explanation
[Heading - help readers to scan the post][body and details]
  • Bullet 1. Explanation
  • Bullet 2. Explanation
[quote would be nice]Search quotes here[My related posts - promote yourself]
  • post 1
  • post 2
  • post n


One last tip: check for stickiness!