Increasing Adsense CPC

Posted on Nov 27, 2008 in AdsenseAdvertising
AdSense depends on 3 factors, the traffic, your CTR (click through rate) and your CPC (cost per click). Many publishers suggest that working on the first 2 factors is possible but then struggle when it comes to CPC optimization.Increasing your AdSense CPC is definitely possible and we’ll teach you how to in this post.
Note: If the video does not run, try to turn off HD. That should fix it.

1. Placement Targeting is the key

Check your CPC of placement targeted ads. Notice the following:
  • Your CPC of placement targeted ads is higher
  • The amount of impressions by placement targeted ads is lower
  • CTR is slightly slower
We need to increase the amount of advertisers placement targeting us.

2. Don’t be selfish, make advertising more profitable

That sounds difficult, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we can do that easily. The major problem are so called missclicks. Those are clicks are accidentally, don’t result in any conversions, usually a bounce only but nonetheless cost the advertiser money.Banner blindness is a phenomenon that started occurring for some time now. Returning visitors to your blog get used to your ads. Do you still look at ads when opening your favorite websites? Probably no. It’s potentially dangerous because those people who ignore your ads usually only accidentally click on your ads.Have a mobile phone with Internet access? Surfing on the internet with my iPhone I already clicked at least 20 ads. On purpose? No, simply accidentally when I was trying to click on something else the ads were nearby. Poor advertisers, poor publishers.So what can we do?
  • Use section targeting, as that increases conversions for the advertiser
  • Forum owners: Show ads to guests only
  • Don’t click on our own ads
  • Don’t let friends click our ads
  • We may not place ads at location where people click only.
    • In Forums: At go to next thread locations (screenshot)
    • Bloggers: At go to next page archives (screenshot)
    • In the site navigation on contrary is a better placement, still missclicks, but less, as it has more purposes than just clicking
Following those tips you should notice an increase in cost per click. Please be aware, it is a time intensive process and can take a month, or even two. Keep working on this, it will be profitable for you.