Do You want to Dominate Search Engines without both much work and costs?
  • Are you tired of “SEO experts” achieving nothing but getting your site sand-boxed?
  • Are you frustrated of spending hundreds of dollars on PPC campaigns?
  • Are you utterly annoyed that every SEO service seems to be black-hat and somewhat spam?
  • Are you sick to death that you can’t beat your competitors?
…. Don’t worry. You are not alone.We keep hearing the same fears and frustrations from local businesses, webmasters, ppc-gurus and CEOs seeking a remedy to their SEO campaigns which actually works.On-Page optimization is almost dead, directory submissions, mass article submissions and spammy link-building will achieve nothing except making your site look like potential spam. Our idea was to develop a concept which is up-to date, which is natural and which works without risks or negative side effects. Our concept uses Web 2.0 methods, resulting in natural, whitehat, authority but nonetheless relevant links.
  • You will rank for your keyword
  • You will dominate your competitors
  • You will notice an increase in organic traffic
  • You will invest something sustainable, SEO will help you for years.
  • You will have nothing to worry about except how to monetize your new traffic
Do you agree that old-school web 1.0 link-building no longer works? Yes, it does not. Google is not stupid, Google probably has the most advanced algorithms on the web with hundreds of variables you need to take care of. To dominate Google you need more advanced methods, which represents the current Zeitgeist: Web 2.0. The current web is defined by user-friendliness, innovative design, unique brands, stunning media – no longer duplicated wall of texts.

You will get 100% natural, relevant and authority links

The only way of ranking today is to do serious off-page optimization. We will build natural, relevant links from trusted websites, making everything 100% white hat. We achieve that with our unique method, doing the following to make you dominate your keyword:
  • Creating unique 200-300 word hub-pages on authority relevant to your keyword…
  • … From which each of them has a link to your website
  • … Each link has a different keyword to increase diversity but at the same making it more natural
  • … The content is Web 2.0, with related videos and images, a major factor for SE-rankings.
  • … Some hubpages have 2 articles – 1 with link, 1 without, to make it even look more natural.
  • Each of the hubpages will be promoted, to spread more link juice to your site
  • … You will rank for your keyword
Furthermore, as we will be creating unique websites with different keywords you will automatically be ranking with each of them. The result is that your website and your hub-pages can both rank on the homepage. Visitors opening your hubpages will at some point follow the link to your website.

Where your 100% natural links come from

Hubpages creation serviceWe will be creating 13 hubpages on authority sites. Both the WordPress and Blogspot blog have 2 articles, one with and one without link.Again, we do everything as natural as possible. That’s the only way to rank nowadays. We use the following sites as each of them is trusted, represents the web of nowadays with both content and social background and has been online for quite some time. Once finished you have 13 sites, all having the potential of being ranked on page #1 of Google. Each of them links to your site, each of them both authority and natural. You’ll get all the link-juice from those sites to your main website. Whenever someone opens the hubpages he is linked to your website.Even without promotion the hubpages would already be really nice SEO for your main site. Still, to ensure 100% maximum results we promote each of them to spread even more link juice.

Promoting your hubpages to fully dominate page #1

Good is not enough for us. We use highly trusted and authority sites to promote your individual hubpages.Promotion is done using 2 methods:
  • 10 dofollow social bookmarking submissions per hubpage = natural
  • 1 article submission using an unique article, linking to your website = natural
Duh, why article submissions?The sites are not flawed, it’s the mass duplicated content that is flawed. We write another 13 unique 200-300 relevant word articles and will submit each of them into one directory only, so that all the content on all the article site is unique. Your hubpage will benefit from the unique link from an authority site. Furthermore each of the articles has a link in the author’s resource box to your website using one of the keywords. That way you will both promote hubpages and your site.Last but not least the article directories are very likely to rank for your keyword as well. Ezinearticles for example is very often on top of other websites.The overall result are 26 unique websites of which each of them has the potential of ranking on page #1. Each of them links to your website. Good bye competitors!

Measuring your site’s SEO success using our service

To measure your success we will send you a detailed SEO-overview of your website before we start with our actual writing and and creation service. The report will include the amount of backlinks you have, the quality of the links, whether you have links from authority sites and whether you are listed on important directory sites. We will then calculate a SEO score of 0 to 100 showing whether your website is already partially optimized.Once finished we will of course send you a detailed report of the work we have done. Everything will be documented in detail. See a sample below (a part of a report you will get).Hubpages creation reportAfterwards to keep track of how your website is changing in the search engines we will track your individual rankings on a weekly basis and send them to you for 2 months.That way you can measure the impact of our link-building process and see exactly how our SEO-program works. Everything will be 100% transparent.

Summing up your site’s SEO treatment

  • 13 Links from unique and natural Web 2.0 hubpages
  • 13 Links to both your site and hubpage from unique articles
  • In total: 26 natural relevant links
  • Presence in Google for a variety of keywords, all linking to your website
  • A detailed report documenting everything we have done.
  • SEO analysis before starting the project
  • SEO tracking for 2 months for the keywords we used to show the success.

Our clients love us

Eckl on sitepoint: I signed up for the package for my site – hendricius did the job in 48 hours, the articles were all well written, he did a good job with researching the site, I didn’t give him much information but he extrapolated a whole lot more on his own. I am satisfied that this was money well-spent, I give him two thumbs up here, and I mean it (I am not affiliated with him, just wanted to try this out). (source)Creatunity on sitepoint: I ordered this package and it was completed very promptly. Although it’s not of extraordinary quality, it’s a very well done job for the low cost he is charging. At the time of writing this I have reviewed all of the social pages he created, each with a variety of multimedia elements and fair amount of text content (which is clearly readable).
I have not been able to view most of the articles that his report says were submitted, as they are not approved yet, I will follow up once they are approved. I ordered his service as a test, like a few others. I will report back with any improvements in ranking that his service had an influence in, that way you will know if the investment is worth while.Altogether I am satisfied with the work done. And I would recommend if you are looking for an efficient and cost effective solution for solid backlinks, to contact Hendricius. (source)Logoboy on Digitalpoint: The report was detailed and everything documented in detail.When I saw the keywords he used I noticed that he committed a spelling error in one of them. I contacted him asking whether he knew that one of the keywords I paid for had a spelling error. I learned that he committed that spelling error on purpose and proved to me that the keyword with a spelling error has nearly as much searches however 1/10th of the competition. Crazy!Thanks a bunch, you won a loyal customer with your great and friendly service. (source – shortened)
If you are interested in seeing actual results please Google “AdSense consulting” – a service we offer on as well. There are several sites linking to DuoBlogger on the first page itself.

Purchasing our unique service

The price for this unique service is just 350$ 250$ for a short period of time. To purchase please use the contact form below to get into contact with us: [contact-form 4 "Contact SEO Service"] Alternatively you can use the following methods to get into contact with us:
  • Drop us an Email: hendrik [at] duoblogger [dot] com
  • Call us directly: +1 (818) 322 0251
  • Add us on Skype: hendricius
  • Tweet us: @hendricius
  • People interested in reselling please contact us using any of the above methods as well. We will work out a package-price with you.
If you are interested in bulk orders are offering discounts of course:
  • 2 sites: 240$ each
  • 3 sites: 230$ each
  • 4 sites: 220$ each
  • 5 sites: 210$ each
  • 6 sites and more 200$ each.
We only accept upfront payments for new customers for our own security. We have served many customers which have all been more than satisfied. Please note that we don’t accept every order, if we are over capacity we will not take new orders to be able to guarantee other clients the promised perfection.Please also note that we can of course not guarantee #1 in Google. We would be lying to you if we did so as many SEO-agencies do. It depends on the site and niche. We can guarantee you however that this is one of and if not the best link-building service available.