How To Use TweetLater

Posted on Jan 19, 2009 in Social Media

This is part of my Twitter Dummy Guide here on DuoBlogger

With so many people using Twitter as a social marketing tool, and the obsession to surpass everyone you know with higher numbers of followers, the task of manually following new contacts can be time consuming and aggravating.tweetlater TweetLater is a site that helps you manage your time on Twitter with a couple of clever features. However not everyone is happy with it because of the rampant spamming that is done using TweetLater. The primary feature of TweetLater is the ability to post-date your Tweets, for those times when you’re not online or simply want a break from the addictive nature of micro-blogging. This can come in handy, especially when you want to maintain your visibility without tying up your schedule. The second feature of TweetLater is the ability to automatically follow others. This saves users hours of time, and it even includes a direct, customized message sent on your behalf.So here is a little guide on how to use TweetLater and the do’s and don’ts.Start by going to and sign up for an account there, it’s really easy step by step process. Once you confirmed your account, it’s time to set up our Twitter account on TweetLater. (click the images for full res.)


Once you clicked on “accounts” in the Navigate bar and then “add Twitter account” , then it’s time to fill in your Twitter information.


Be careful though with the automated reply, read more about that at the do’s and don’ts a bit down.Also be aware that you, if you get alot of new followers every day,  uncheck the “Welcome Digest Tweet”. As this will tweet to everyone that you welcome your new follower(s).



So what’s next? The last step involves Gmail (assuming you have it), it’s not required however it’s  just a check up to see if your message has been sent out correctly.
1) Click “Settings” in your gmail – Top right corner2) Select “Filters” tab3) “Create New Filter” – if it’s your first time4) Fill in these in the blanks:
  • From:
  • Subject: is now following you on Twitter
  • Has the words: is now following you on Twitter
5) Click “Next Step”6) Check on the box “Forward it to”7) Fill in the box (email address) –
So here are your TweetLater do’s and don’ts:1. Use Tweetlater To Automate Your Social Networking, Not Your Selling. I know, it’s tempting to put a link back to your site, your free special report, your sales page, etc in an automated reply. A link in an automated social networking reply stands out like peanut butter jelly time. Resist the temptation to use an auto-reply to promote. It sends the wrong message to your new contacts. Trust me, I hate it too as it is too impersonal.2. Make Your “Thank You” Message Sound Like a Real Person Hmm, you’re scratching your head now. “If I can’t plug my website, then what the heck do I put in this auto-reply?” How about “Thanks for the follow!” or “Great to connect with you!”. Take off your sales helmet for a moment and release the need to nab a prospect. You have no idea how relationships are going to pan out on Twitter, so slow it down! Remember, it’s called SOCIAL networking for a reason. So go on, be sociable!3. Be “Real” With Your Post Dated Tweets I’m not against creating post-dated Tweets, but be careful how you phrase them. Usually when I see a motivational quote with no other conversation around it, or a stand-alone shout for a sales page, I can tell it’s an automated Tweet and I skip it automatically like many others. If you’re going to load up several post-dated Tweets, throw in a few that are not promotional. Send out a Happy Birthday message, or a good morning greeting, or a link to someone else’s blog post. If all your posts are simply pre-loaded marketing messages, then you’ll come out bad. You’ll come across as a person who is only there to sell, not a person there to connect with you.

When you comment on this article, let me know if you use TweetLater or any special tips you have for other readers. Thanks – Mark.