Getting Started with Kontera: Guidelines and Requirements Must-Knows

Posted on May 3, 2010 in Kontera
We’ve received some emails about Kontera since we’ve started publishing some blog posts about this prolific contextual advertising network. A reader asked about Kontera guidelines and what sort of rules must be adhered in order for him to join the fray.Let’s look into some of the Kontera guidelines that you should abide by in order to be accepted as a Kontera publisher. Under Kontera’s Content Categories, you are likely to find a category that fits your website or blog. These include:• Automotive • Computing & Technology • Ecommerce • Education • Employment • Entertainment • Finance • Forums & Blogs • Gaming • Health • Lifestyle • Men • Real Estate • Relationships • Social Networking • Social Networking • Small Business & B2B • Sports • Travel • WomenKontera will also accommodate your site if you don’t see any category that matches yours. Just drop them an email and a friendly staff will get in touch with you immediately.Next, let’s look into this checklist and see if you qualify for a Kontera account:1. Your blog or website must be primarily in English Obviously, you will want to get as many clicks as you can so if your audience do not understand you, you may not be able to achieve this. Kontera can be rather lenient; just make sure your posts are mostly in English. It is fine if you want to weave in colloquialisms for that added local flavor but make sure you don’t go overboard.2. Have no less than 50 words per page Even if you own a photo gallery, it pays to ensure there are at least 50 words per page. Talk about your cat, blog about your trip to the drive-in… Whatever it takes, never submit a blog or a site that’s devoid of words or worthy content.3. Feature original content only And that means no auto-blogs or copied content. Kontera is very strict about this so if you want to be accepted as their publisher, do take the time to write valuable and original content your readers will love.4. No domain parking Your blog or site must be live in order for you to generate income from Kontera.