What Is Kontera and How Does It Work?

Posted on Apr 29, 2010 in Kontera

What is Kontera? Simply said, Kontera is a pay-per-click system that will generate money for you, a blog owner and publisher, just by letting the system embed ads into your content. If you think this is another Google Adsense wannabe, you’ve never been more mistaken. In comparison, Google Adsense displays ad units in the blog or website – near the header, between paragraphs of content and the side bars – almost anywhere, actually. Kontera, on the other hand, transforms certain keywords within your content into clickable links. That way, you can be assured that you will never mistake a Kontera ad link for a Google Adsense ad unit!Once upon a time, publishers would be penalized if Google found that their blogs or websites contained ads from rival ad systems. After a torrent of questions was raised, Google heard the grouses of disgruntled publishers and changed their mind. Kontera text ads are now allowed to be on the same pages that contained Google Adsense ad units. And because they do not look alike, and are easily distinguishable between each other, Google deemed that it was okay for both ads to co-exist in harmony. Publishers rejoiced and wasted no time incorporating ads from both networks, enjoying the multiple income sources they are able to tap into.You may have stumbled upon some double-underlined words while reading blogs each day. Chances are these clickable words exist thanks to Kontera, whose in-text advertising system is committed to deliver relevant and targeted ads to the audience.What do we mean by relevant and targeted ads? For example, if your blog post is about your favorite desserts, you may see certain words such as • “Chocolate” • “Cream” • “Pastry” • “Fondue”These words or phrases will be highlighted and made into double-underlined links. Readers who see these links are compelled to click on the link and they will be redirected to the advertiser’s page where readers can buy items or find out more about baking supplies or cook books. Other examples are:• Blog posts reviewing the latest cars will display ads about car dealers, etc. • Writing about the latest iPhone apps will allow Kontera to show ads from application developers or mobile gadget companies • Reviewing the latest Blu-ray movies you’ve watched will show ads from movie rental websitesEach click gives you a certain amount of commission. So you can see, all you need to do to gain extra income via Kontera is to just blog and write about the topics you want (providing they comply with Kontera’s requirements), and Kontera will take care of the rest! The possibilities are endless!If you are curious enough to ask how does Kontera work, rest assured that the answers can be quite simple even for a layman to understand. Once you have signed up, wait for several days to see your account being approved by Kontera. You need to follow some detailed instructions, insert some lines of codes within your pages, and their highly intelligent contextualization system will pluck the right words to highlight and embed ads related to your content. Readers click on your links and you’ll get paid! That’s about it – a process as automated as can be.First, sign up with Kontera and get your own Publisher Account approved. With decent amount of traffic, you’ll see your online income slowly but steadily rising!