How adsense changed the internet

Posted on Oct 9, 2008 in AdsenseAdvertising
The internet actually transformed a great deal ever since Adsense was introduced by Google.  Although some changes are as good while some are not.This is just a small analysis of how this small revolution called AdSense has stormed the web.  It actually deals with the transformation that both publishers and advertisers have undergone due to AdSense and how it has become a part of our daily life.Even before the start of AdSense, people were using AdWords.  It is nothing but a form of advertisement from Google to get on to the top page of the Google Search using the keywords that we specify.  It actually saved lots of time and energy and money for many of the SEO experts out there by making their job easier by placing your ads on top of the Google search page which otherwise would only be a dream for many sites out there.  This prompted many to launch websites to profit rather than undergoing a long term analysis with no results or returns.When AdSense came into being, you have had the option to get your ads in almost any website which display AdSense.  And for this reason AdSense really have brought a new way of advertising to the net.  Before the advent of AdSense people had to toil it hard offline to get the much needed exposure.Now, with AdSense, companies don’t need to hire those expensive experts to create ad campaigns for them.  The cost for running ad campaigns have dropped dramatically and guess what with even greater success rate.Now for the advertisers, with AdSense/AdWords, you would only have to create some keywords related to your business and just sign up for AdWords and create a campaign just like that and see real traffic.  And you don’t have to worry about your campaign except for logging in every now and then and maintain it.But the real change happened from AdSense from the point of view of publishers.  Where people used to struggle to make money from their websites are now making a fortune out of it due to putting up AdSense ads on it.  This prompted many individuals to start their own website as all they needed was a good quality content to get decent traffic.Then came the phenomenon called blogging and this made AdSense even more easier and profitable.  Anyone who are able to write a few words about what they are passionate about can actually earn a decent income from AdSense.  This is what made AdSense a phenomenon sort of thing with even common people could make money out of the internet.Although there are bad things spoken about AdSense like too many sites crept up with the sole intention of making money out of AdSense, but that too have been dealt well by Google by imposing a ban of such websites.Apart from these minor hiccups overall AdSense has indeed made our lives easier and changed how the Internet functions for sure.So, finishing my history lesson let’s continue with information for you to get started with adsense.