Google vs. Ecosia – Spoiler: Google wins.

Posted on Jul 31, 2010 in Tech
Ecosia claims to donate 0.13 Cent per search to save our rain forest. It’s typical that businesses try to adopt a green-label. So the questions for this blog post are, is Ecosia better/equal to Google, is it really true that they save the rainforest and lastly, can they build me an island?

!(We are saving the Rainforest)

The idea of Ecosia is undoubtedly great, saving the rain forrest with every search. The question for every interwebs-master arises, how relevant are the search results and is the promise actually true? I am doing around 30 searches a day with Google, I don’t want to end up digging through Viagra results on every keyword.1. Search results are worse: 2. Saving Rain-forest with CO2 pollution?!?
  • Donate 0.13 cent per search to save the rain forest.
Ecosia in fact uses green energy to power their servers, however Yahoo and Bing do not. That means that the main computing power originating in the search process comes from fossil fuels. Furthermore it can be doubted whether 0.13 cent save a square meter of rain forest (see the same link as before).Lastly it needs to be said that Ecosia claims to store the data collected during using the website for maximum up to 48 hours. I unfortunately was not able to find out where the ads originate from, but my guess is that they are from Yahoo/Bing as well. Will Yahoo/Bing delete ad-data after clicking on there? No.I will have to wait for my island there :(.

Google – effective and green?

You may call me a Google fan-boy but the concept of making information available for free is the philosophy the internet stands for. Monetizing the visitors by showing guests is the best way of making information available freely across borders. The questions are, is Google Evil?, how good is the search? and is Google Green?1. Google’s search results are awesome.
  • Advanced Algorithms, more relevant than competition
  • A lot of ways of customizing the results
  • Around 62.5% market share.
2. Google DOES save the world Google does store your search data. They do that on every site with ads or just analytics installed. The goal is to develop a perfect user profile for showing as relevant ads as possible. Of course, they want revenue, however, more relevant ads also means better quality for us. No longer those annoying casino ads or anything. I don’t care much about my data being stored anonymously. In exchange I get the best web services for free.Google wins.