Google Adsense guide for blogs

Posted on Oct 14, 2008 in AdsenseAdvertisingBlogging
Finishing my guide about Google Analytics I would now like to introduce you to Google Adsense. Perhaps you know Adsense already, it is an advertisement program which you can use to moneytize your block. It’s a CPC Ad program (sounds like rubbish eh – it means Cost per click). In other words you will get paid for every click on the advertisements on your blog.Sounds easy and yes, it is very easy. The only thing you will need is a blog (you should have it by now) and an Adsense account. Once your Adsense account got verified make sure to check out the interface and get used to some options. The Ad program is relatively easy to use, however, to become an Adsense Guru you will need to know a little more. I dedicated some time to work on a complete guide for Adsensel. I splitted it into several parts, each of them about a different topic.
  1. My first post is about the position of adsense units on you blog.
  2. The next guide will assist you on choosing the best ad colors.
  3. Next thing you will need are Adsense channels.
  4. You need to know whether you should use CPC or CPA Ads.
  5. And finally what the best ad programs for blogs are (other than Adsense).
So, go ahead, you got something to read. I have been working with Advertisements since 2007 now and still continue reading every day. Always remember, there is never the perfect solution, but there is a most suitable solution for your blog or website. You will need to test all advertisement programs to see which perform best for you. Depending on your website CPM advertisements might also be interesting for you. It is a very complex topic.I was starting with Adsense only and then combined it with other advertisement programs. On one of my websites I experienced that CPM Advertisements seem to perform best for me (not a blog, a forum). Since then I am working together with Adsdaq, Tribalfusion, Adsense and CPXinteractive. The combination of all of them is what gets me most :-). Nonetheless, before you start thinking about all those other ad programs, make sure to read my Google Adsense guide first!Let me know if you have any questions or need help!