Google’s DFP – direct ads and AdSense combined easily

Posted on Jul 5, 2010 in Advertising
Imagine you’re a major online publisher… Every second of every day, you have difficult decisions about what ads to show and how to measure their relative performance.” – Google BlogGoogle acquired DoubleClick in March 2008 and subsequently started offering two variations of DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) – a standard service and one for small businesses. Chances are, you have already run into DFP multiple times but have never realized it. Whether you own a small, independent business, or a large company with a dedicated advertising and marketing team, DPF is the most advanced solution for serving ads on your site. It allows you to control ad spots on your sites and place ads you sold directly, or use AdSense to serve ads.

How simple is it?

We went into our DFP account to show you the amount of control DFP gives you. Imagine you need to set up a new customized ad. You want to target a specific group of individuals. The screenshot below shows you clearly that, with just a click, DFP allows more control over ad targeting than you can hope to achieve manually.If you want to show an ad for Windows software, for example, it’s obvious that showing it to users running a Linux flavor is a waste of ad space. Instead, you can target the ad only at users running Windows. What makes it even easier is that you have a choice to serve ads using AdSense or put up ads you sold personally. Google doesn’t mind!

Do you need it?

You might be asking, “This looks great, but do I need this?” If you have to control ad spaces, whether on your own website or for clients, then you need it. It’s useful for anyone who depends on advertisements as a source of income. As an example, consider a webmaster running a forum on outdoor adventures. The forum is likely to have one section for water sports and quite a few for non-water-related activities. Using conventional solutions, he would be showing the same ads throughout his forum. Using DPF, however, he can show ads for life jackets in the section that deals with water sports and different advertisements in the other sections. Which solution do you think is more effective?

What people are saying

This is an A++ program and is bound to ensure the success and long-term health of your sites and blogs.” -Laureen“I happy to say that my profit improved a lot since I used DoubleClick” –RoxanamLaureen and Roxanam are just two users who commented on a DoubleClick review. The common voice of every DPF user shouts praises about its usefulness. It is clear that DoubleClick for Publishers is the best thing to have happened for advertisers.

How to get started

While DPF for small businesses is free, the premium solution with more options has a variable price tag. Google defines small businesses as ones which serve less than 90 million non-AdSense ad impressions annually. If you have a Google account, you can use your existing login details to get started with your DPF account. Even if you are not, it is easy to create an account.