Getting Started With AdSense

Posted on Oct 9, 2008 in AdsenseAdvertising
One thing which is so good to talk about Google AdSense is that it is very easy to get it on to your site and getting it approved if you have a pretty decent contented site.To start with you will need to create a site either from your own domain or from many of the sub domains available.  The site can be of any theme or niche but should have a good quality content to get the approval from AdSense.  If you are newbie and don’t know how to start a website, then you can always go for blogging using the free blogging platforms such as Blogspot, WordPress, etc.  You can start to blog about anything that you love and would be able to write about it on a regular basis.As soon you got your site or blog ready with good quality content in it, then you will need to submit your site to AdSense for their approval.  Normally the approval process will take place two or three days or around that.  When your site got approved then it is all easy job for you.  If not approved, you will need to restructure your content in your site and also you can update your content with more fresh content and try submitting again later.Once approved you will need to login to your AdSense account and can choose the ad formats which you are going to integrate with your website.  But before that you will be prompted to agree the terms and conditions of AdSense if you are login in for the first time, you will need to agree to it and then proceed further.The best performing ads are the bigger square ads in AdSense and this is also the best ad format for the blogs too.  Choose them accordingly and paste it in your site and that’s all, in a jiffy your site will start displaying AdSense ads.The best method to get more clicks for your AdSense is by choosing an ad format which integrates well with your site rather than going for a contrast colored ad formats which will mostly be ignored by the users due to ad blindness.  The maximum number of ads for contents you can display in a particular page is three and don’t even think about adding one more ad unit in a page.  Instead you can try to add in other units with AdSense like Ad Links, video units, etc.You can experiment with the ad units by rotating the place your ads get displayed.  You can also choose image only ads for a difference in any of the ad unit you are going to display in your page.After finishing up with adding AdSense to your website you can now login to your AdSense account every now and then to check how your ad units are performing and can make changes accordingly on which is performing better and which is not.AdSense has changed many people’s life and surely can change yours too and you have taken that first step by applying for AdSense and integrated to your site.However, starting with adsense will not get you your success. You will need to know which ads in which combination work best.  The fourth of the fifth guide is about boosting your adsense earnings.