Geohot releases his Jailbreak for the PS3 version 3.55. Pirated Games now possible forever.

Posted on Jan 10, 2011 in AdvertisingTech

George Hotz aka “Geohot” has just released his jailbreak for the 3.55 firmware version of the Playstation 3. He was able to decrypt the root key, allowing users to install third party packages, indefinitely, forever. This can’t be changed by Sony for already running systems – how bad can this be for Sony? Right now it looks like it’s not possible to install pirated games, but that’s just a question of time as the functionality for developing a system makes this possible has been provided with the help of Geohot. The patch can be downloaded via Geohot’s website.

The actual jailbreaking process is rather simple:
  1. Place the file on your thumbdrive.
  2. Go to Games -> Install Packages on your PS3. Install the package. Done.
  3. Also refer to this guide if you have any additional problems.

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