Facebook Like button – Why we all must love it!

Posted on Jul 5, 2010 in Advertising
“The ‘Like’ button has worked wonders for my film publication. We had respectable numbers before we implemented the button but since we’ve added it to our articles our traffic has doubled in only a month!” – Eric, on mashable.comIn the war between Facebook and Twitter, Facebook managed to come up with a trump card: The ‘like’ button that can be integrated on blog posts. This immediately made it a favorite for many webmasters. For the uninitiated, the hype about the ‘like’ button is baffling. Why is everyone so in love with this little button all of a sudden?

Typepad Research

“…referral traffic from Facebook has increased by 200%” – TypepadTypepad, a blogging platform, allowed its users to integrate the ‘like’ button below every post. 2400 bloggers used it. Their demographic and their blogs aren’t mentioned. Yet, a 200% increase in traffic cannot be overlooked for any reasons. Yes, 200%. That is the amount by which traffic to blogs increased once users started integrating the Facebook ‘like’ button.

(Image source – Typepad)

Threat to Google?

“…reports have Facebook driving even more traffic than Google to some big-name sites.” – Chris Crum on webpronews.com


The amount of traffic that Facebook has been driving to websites is staggering. So much so, that webmasters are now beginning to look at Facebook as a traffic source just as seriously as Google. What site owners love about Facebook is that, apart from being free, they don’t need to hire any SEO specialists to rank higher in a search engine. Users are voluntarily spreading their link. Some feel it is time Google began to look upon Facebook as a threat, since it might divert advertisers’ money.

But it isn’t for everyone

I have found that for my demographic and style of content, personal development, it is not ideal to have a like button.” – Joshua Noerr on problogger.netThere is one small problem with this traffic, however. Most users are visiting your site purely to satiate their curiosity. They saw a friend sharing something and wanted to see what it was. If you are selling something, or expecting users to sign up for something, it won’t work. Users will come, take a look and leave. That is a waste of precious bandwidth.The ‘Like’ button is most useful for entertainment websites or daily news sites that might get users hooked on their first visit. Your method of monetization, then, will have to be advertisements on your site. Again, don’t expect users to click on their first visit.

Why you should implement it

Integrating the Facebook ‘like’ button is a simple job, for the most part. It doesn’t hurt you to see how much it affects the traffic to your site, does it? It is possible that you might see a huge surge in traffic. It is recommended that you track the traffic well, to find out how much is coming from Facebook. Also track the users to see how well the traffic is converting. If, after a month, you find that the button simply wastes bandwidth without resulting in any additional profits for you, you can always remove it.‘Like’ it or hate it, there’s simply no ignoring this button.