How to Earn Money with Kontera beyond Blogging

Posted on Apr 30, 2010 in Advertising
We all know how blogging can be quite lucrative especially for those who have the time and passion to write about topics they feel strongly about. These days, it is a known fact that blogging is not the only way to earn money online, especially when it comes to generating passive income from online advertising networks such as Kontera. Kontera, like we’ve explained before, is a contextual advertising network entity with a nice pay-per-click system that helps bloggers profit from their blog, or preferably a network of blogs. The more blogs you own, the more you earn. This equation is very simple and the program can be ultimately rewarding for those who persevere with their tasks.However, blogging is NOT the only way to earn money from Kontera. There are numerous other ways to so, including:• Sign up with to earn from their revenue-sharing program • Submit articles to article directories such as and profit from the Kontera revenue-sharing system • Share content in web portals such as to earn commission from Kontera • Be a Kontera affiliate!Earning Money from Kontera via HubpagesStep 1: Sign up for a Kontera account First, sign up for a Hubpages account. Get yourself a Kontera account next. This is done at the Kontera signup page but instead of entering in the “Website URL” field, you will first need to copy your Hubpages profile URL. Example for this is You should also select the category you write most about in Hubpages in the “Category” field. Next you will be asked about your monthly page views. It would be sensible for newbies to select “Under 500,000”. If you are a Hubpages veteran you can choose a different option if your Hubs yield higher traffic.Step 2: Fill in your contact details and review the Service Agreement This can be done very quickly, so do a quick look-over of the Service Agreement before clicking on “Continue”. You will receive a confirmation email from Kontera in a very short while.Step 3: Account approved; configure your Hubpages Affiliate Settings page If all goes well, your Kontera account will be approved in no time. Once it does, go to the “ContentLink™ Setup” tab and copy your PublisherID code. Paste this in your Hubpages Affiliate Settings page under the appropriate field and ta-da, there you go! You can now begin to earn money from Kontera writing Hubs you love!We will talk about how to earn money being a Kontera affiliate next but for now, enjoy discovering the many possibilities of grabbing some juicy Kontera commission!