DuoSense 1.4 submitted: Multi-Accounts

Posted on Jan 26, 2011 in Advertising

We are excited to announce that we just uploaded the 1.4 version of DuoSense. We originally planned to release everything together in the 2.0 version, but then decided to add incremental updates and to release 2.0 as final fully fixed version. This way we can invite you to continuously submit bugs you may encounter and your feedback.

1.4 addresses over 20 bug-fixes and several new features:
  • The multi-Account feature is now available for only temporarily 99 Cent as inApp purchase.
  • Interface has been remade and re-thought. This makes using DuoSense easier.
  • Problem with landscape mode on other areas has been fixed.
  • Re-added the review notification, with an option to ignore permanently.
  • Other Bug-fixes.
We will be releasing the next version soon which will contain the channel functionality.

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