DuoBlogger goes local

Posted on Oct 14, 2009 in Personal
DuoBlogger goes local Mark and me are feeling the need to extend our work and go into local niches. As you know Mark is from the Netherlands and I am from Germany. The idea is to build something in our own mother-tongue.

A Dutch and German Webmaster-forum

We talked and drew the conclusion that we could best serve all our readers best with a local forum in our mother tongue. Mark will overtake a Dutch version of DuoBlogger and I will work on a German version. The collaboration platform is yet again going to be a forum.

Access DuoBlogger.nl/.de

As previously said, Mark overtakes the Dutch DuoBlogger version: http://www.duoblogger.nl. He will post guides and answer questions.I will overtake the German DuoBlogger version: http://www.duoblogger.de