DropBox: 8GB referral Space Using AdWords for around $2 USD

Posted on Nov 13, 2010 in AdvertisingAdWords
Dropbox is one of the best tools I use every day. It nicely allows you to keep your files in sync between multiple computers. The free Version just gives you 2GB of space, which is usually used pretty fast. I found a way to get up to 8GB of referrals using Google AdWords for around 2$ USD.

The idea: Target masses for 1 cent per click

We will set up a Google AdWords campaign and target users globally. We have to pay for each click, but as only few people do this, this currently costs around 1 cent per click. This is the magic, like 20% convert into an actual DropBox account and we get the extra Gigabytes.

Step 1:
-Copy your referral link from here. Whenever someone uses this link to sign up you are awarded 250 MB of extra space (up to 8GB in total).

Step 2:
-Make the AdWords campaign.
-Follow the steps in the video.

Let me know how this works for you!