This is a search engine for dofollow forums. The forums have something in common: When posting a link there will be no rel=”nofollow” attribute on the links, meaning that the link fully matters for SEO. The best thing is that the forums will be niche-related, meaning that you will get high quality backlinks.How to use our dofollow-forum search Put in one of the keywords of your website and click on Search. The search engine will find niche-related forums. Open the forums and register, then post a link to your website. Make sure that your posts don’t look spammy, they should be related to the topic. Nobody likes spam, neither do we, means that you should only post topic-related links.Embed our forum search on your website If you want to embed our dofollow forum search on your website then simply paste the following code somewhere on your websites. Using our search engine has several advantages for your: you benefit from the new content (which is really good if you ask us) and have users returning to you just to use the search engine. It’s of course completely free :).
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Include your forum for benefits Including your forum in our search-engine has several benefits for you. You will be experiencing more users. More users means more traffic and more traffic means more money. Of course, we are aware that some people tend to abuse link-building, but I have noticed that since making all my links dofollow more people are actually interested in posting. To include your site simply use the contact form below. Make sure that you include a link to one of your forum-entries so that we can speed up the process of inclusion a little. If you are looking for related blogs then use our dofollow blog search engine.[contact-form 2 "Suggest a Link"]