Does PageRank Matter For SEO?

Posted on Jan 8, 2009 in SEO
Curious to see what your PageRank is now? Check to see it (of course, you can always go the toolbar route, but that doesn’t show your actual PageRank).Personally and professionally, PageRank is meaning less and less these days. Why? Here are 5 reasons:1. Social networking sites have taken on just as much authority as blogs yet these social profiles and pages fall outside the playing field of PageRank.pagerank_google2. Sure, PageRank is important for SEO and PPC to some extent, but if you’re doing marketing work in the niches, PageRank becomes increasingly non-relevant. So if your ad revenue is affected just because PageRank changes, then you’re not doing something right. Not exploring the right monetization options. Not having a long term business plan. Not making full use of the traffic you have. Not getting the right advertisers who know the value of your site. And all these are factors within your control. Who cares what Google thinks about content or site quality? People are the ones who visit your site and decide if its worth reading or recommending to someone else. Google doesn’t own the way you write or think in any way. They don’t influence the type of content you decide to put on your blog. The point is, PageRank is great if you’re dealing with keyword buys on large scale sites or blogs, but it’s not the ultimate determiner of a site’s authority.3. PageRank has always been a standard for determining a site’s legitimacy for consumers, affiliate managers, bloggers and even Google itself. 4. Affiliate managers and advertisers have better tools to determine if a site is legit these days. PageRank is a part of that mix, but not the dominant part anymore.5. Google itself doesn’t seem to always abide by PageRank only in its own SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). Keep this point in mind: People can do whatever they want to you and they often will. You however have the power to determine how you want to react to their actions. Google will adjust its PageRank scores in a way they deem fit (it’s their toy after all) and ultimately you must decide how you will cope with the possible results.