Do Link Wheels Still Work in 2010?

Posted on Jul 12, 2010 in SEO

Next Gen back linking

In today’s World of Webmastercraft everyone is trying to create backlinks for their websites. This can be done using the white hat- or black hat methods. Black hat techniques are all about spamming other websites which are relevant or not to their own website they are trying to rank for. If you spam enough websites, chances are that you will rank higher in the search engine’s because of your presence on the web. If your website shows up on enough websites, it will eventually get you page rank and give you a trust factor which no one can see.If you are a member on a couple of popular webmaster forums then you might have noticed that, especially on BHW, there are people discussing how they can effectively build back links and improve their rankings. Following are a few strategies which can be used:
  • Link wheels (!)
  • Angela and Paul’s profile links
  • Link farms
  • Link exchange
  • etc.
In this article I want to go deeper into optimizing the back linking strategy of link wheels. Like I mentioned earlier on the forums, members are giving away tips on and success/failure stories which can help you build solid back links and stay away from the ban hammer from Google.

Example Story

“I used X software to create Y amount of back links on a number of web 2.0 blogs around the web. After I pinged all the properties and Google indexed them I saw a significant increase in rankings on Z keyword. However a few days later my site’s rankings dropped to the bottom of the pit in the result pages. What did I do wrong?”What can we learn from this? Google Caffeine kicked in which crawls the web much faster and creates more real-time indexes of result pages. Not only that, but they now also seem to understand better when the back links pop up for websites and if the article is spun (spinning articles = spam) or not. Therefore killing a lot of automated back linking softwares. Google will deindex the web 2.0 properties you created and the back links to your site dissapear again, leaving you with a lower ranking once again – be lucky if you don’t get punished.

linking cat

Solution? Plan Ahead

The link wheel strategy still works! However there are a couple of  things to consider when building link wheels with the new algorithms:
  • Creation time of web 2.0 pages
  • Spin the keywords you use as anchor text more often
  • Do not use any spun articles
  • Google loves fresh/original content (it also helps you not getting your web 2.0 properties being deleted)
  • Are the properties/spokes connected with each other? and how?
  • If the properties are blogs, do update them with fresh content with relevant keywords from time to time
  • Do not, I repeat, do not interlink all properties together or face the wrath of Google
I haven’t really experimented with this yet, but is seems the most logical explanation to Google’s new updates. Sorry guys, but you have to get creative when using black hat tools. This sums it up pretty much, if you have any questions – let me know in the comments.Cheers,MarkPS. This post was written using my voice (speech recognition) and the software nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking. Grammar mistakes are there but I’m still getting the hang of it :) It’s far more relaxing than typing everything all day.