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Posted on Nov 14, 2008 in Advertising
If you know something about advertising already then you should also know about the limits of advertising programs. I am running a relatively large website about computer games and quickly noticed that Adsense alone is not the way to get most money. The best alternative is getting advertisers to directly advertise on your website.The good thing about Adsense is that it displays related ads. There is undoubtedly no advertising program that can display as related ads as Adsense. But, the support of Adsense is terrible. I have been banned twice and did not even get an email. I was generating at least 30$ per day – I would at least let my partners know that they made a mistake… No, Adsense does not, they just cancel your account. Getting about what happened when you email them can take 2 weeks. Really – should we really let us treat so badly?
How CPC advertising works

How CPC advertising works

The answer is yes, in most cases bloggers have only few alternatives. I thought the same, but being smart priced by Adsense for 3 months I got really pissed…. Before I was getting 15 cent per click, but from then on only 5 cent? That’s just ridiculous and simply unfair. Just because they can we should not support that. There are in fact other advertisement programs that might pay-out relatively good, but in my experience none of them was able to pay out as good as Adsense.This graphic shows quite well what limits the earnings of Adsense. Google takes in 25% comission (?) when placing advertisements. If you are able to find advertisers that want to advertise on your site directly you could in theory increase your earnings by 25 percent. However, in practice, those advertisers are not willing to pay as much, but still in some cases more than google would pay you.The problem is that you somehow need to find the advertisers. You will need to write emails and a lot of them. Remember, whenever there is traffic, there are also people interested in advertising.Direct advertising works well when:
  1. Your website is a niche website and no general one. Advertisers do in most cases only sell one product. One example: you have a website about fishing and computer games. It is difficult to find an advertiser who is interested at the same time about both subjects. Because of the fact that companies are usually specialized they are also mainly interested in advertising on related websites. If your website’s visitors are 14 year old kids then life-insurance ads are not the right way to go. Instead you need to find a company related to your website.
  2. Your eCPM is very low and you earned way more some weeks/days ago. So, when you got smart priced, direct advertisers should be considered.
  3. When you got contacted by advertisers – really, this is an opportunity, try to work out a deal. There is more money in this than you thought.
I did the same on my Gaming site. I now found advertisers that are paying me a fixed amount of money per month. That way I am getting around the double of my current Adsense income. Plus, I don’t really need to be afraid of getting banned or anything. The way to find advertisers that want to pay is relatively easy. Just have a look at your google ads (don’t click them!) write down the URL and use your browser to get on their websites. They usually have a contact us page which you can check out. Calling them is actually the best way. I think that they will take you more serious if you call them. In most cases they will just give you an email address anyways.You can also google your keyword and you will probably find ads next to your search. Click them and you will find companies that are interested in advertising as well. I used the last method – I contacted almost 15 of them and received several emails. One of them was interested and willing to pay to me the money I was looking for. I am currently sorting out the issue with him. He even offered me to work for his company in the future hehe. Need to finish my year at school first, planning to go to university after :-), then why not? I love working with webistes – there is so much interesting stuff to learn – plus you get in contact with a lot of people.Make sure to attach some traffic reports in your first email. You can use google analytics to generate them. Use the integrated export to .pdf function and you can then attach a report to the email. Good luck with upping your revenue :-).