Talking with AdWords expert @fuzzone about AdSense

Posted on Apr 30, 2009 in AdsenseAdvertisingVideo Channel

We publishers must care about advertisers, once again, another interesting interview that confirms. Originally we wanted to talk about AdSense channels only with Kunle Campbell (@fuzzone) but then we broadened the topic a little. It turned out that we first reviewed his ad placements ( and then went on to talk about the original AdSense [...]

4 Tips to see whether an Ad program is good or bad

Posted on Apr 30, 2009 in Advertising

Considering to try out another new advertising program? There are new advertising programs going live weekly but, how do you instantly see whether any of the ad programs has potential or not? This is a video tutorial containing 4 tips of criteria which help you to instantly see whether the ad program is good. 1. [...]

AdSense category filter – should we use it?

Posted on Apr 27, 2009 in AdsenseAdvertisingBlogging

Another tab was added for the beta testers under “AdSense Setup” which allows you to filter ads for specific categories. To be more precise read the information below. Quote from the AdSense Blog: “Category filtering will give publishers the ability to block ads that fall into specific categories such as dating, religion, and politics. Regardless [...]

Are You Stupid? 90% AdSense Publishers Screw Up Placements

Posted on Apr 22, 2009 in AdsenseAdvertisingVideo Channel
Banner Blindness

It’s an average morning on an average day while surfing the web for some info, and by checking out other websites for this we sometimes stumble upon publishers which are screwing their ad campaign around. Bad ad placements and colors will not get you the money which you could be getting out of your website [...]

100% AdSense placements – 200% more revenue

Posted on Apr 7, 2009 in AdsenseAdvertisingBlogging
Analytics together with AdSense

Are you using the best AdSense placements? Since starting our consulting service we noticed that almost every publisher screws up with proper AdSense placements. Nonetheless, placements are more than crucial for 100% traffic monetization. Repositioning solely one ad could already have a major impact on your earnings. Don’t screw it up! As usual for every [...]

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