Customize Tweet This

Posted on Jan 29, 2009 in Social Media
This blog post is dedicated for those who wish to insert a Tweet This button below their posts. Putting in a customizable Tweet This! button does require a bit of knowledge in HTML coding.tweet-thisThe problem with the current out-of-the-box plugin configuration is that it is too basic and just not what we were looking for and so Hendrik began experimenting with it.First of all make sure the plugin is activated, if you haven’t got it yet – no problem! just click on ADD NEW in the sidebar below Plugings and search for Tweet This, install it and off we go.As for personal preference you can find the options under Settings -> Tweet This.Now that we are in the options, make sure all boxes are checked and take your favorite url-shortener. We on DuoBlogger are using which makes urls 17 characters long, and because you only have 140 characters available it is best to take one of the shortest. Check and see any random post if you have the Tweet This button below the post just to be sure, as it takes only a second.From here on you can either leave it by that or customize it to make your own messsage which visitors can use to tweet your blog post.Customize Your Tweet UPDATE:
With the latest version you do not need to edit anything in the editor, so hereby a picture of how it should look like with Tweet This version 1.2.tweet_this_updated
Go to Plugins (sidebar) -> Editor -> Tweet This and use the Control+F keycombo to look for: function get_tweet_this_url(), which will probarly lead to only 1 result (Note: on Google Chrome I’m experiencing search issues as I’m unable to search through the box, for other Chrome users: what you are looking for is about 1/4th down).Now you will see the code that is used by the Tweet This plugin that is sent to Twitter. Our’s, after customization, looks like this:tweet-this3Please see this link for the whole replacements. We changed it by modifying the functions which display the URL. We did not use the manual placement because the Tweet This button was located way below our post which then looked bad. Check the previous link if you prefer using the manual placement. You would just have to place that code somewhere in your style and it would show the customized Tweet this link. The code is without an image in front, you would have to add it on your own. We are achieving that by using css code. Back to the automatic placement: Basically you add your text to the lines and divide every “space” between words with a “+”. This turns into:
“ (get the title of post) – (get shortened url) by @duoblogger and @hendricius”
Here’s a real example what shows up in Twitter:
Reading: Why use RSS? – by @duoblogger and @hendricius
It is probarly smart to insert the Title of the post and your own @Twittername so you get a notice someone tweeted your blog post, and in return you can always thank the person who tweeted it.For discussions please see the Tweet This thread in our forum.So now that you know how to customize it, why not go and try to use our Tweet This button below? :)