4 Tips to see whether an Ad program is good or bad

Posted on Apr 30, 2009 in Advertising
Considering to try out another new advertising program? There are new advertising programs going live weekly but, how do you instantly see whether any of the ad programs has potential or not? This is a video tutorial containing 4 tips of criteria which help you to instantly see whether the ad program is good.

1. Relevancy is the key

Relevancy is extremely important. Only with relevant ads you have the following benefits:
  • High Click Through Rate (CTR)
    • Ads are interesting to your visitors
    • Less banner blindness, people are interested
  • Higher cost per click (CPC)
    • Clicks convert better for the advertiser
    • Thus click is worth more as ROI is higher
  • Ads are less aggressive
    • Because your visitors are interested they don’t mind more ads.

2. Are you able to customize the ads?

We live in the age of banner blindness with visitors no longer being web newbies. If we are able to customize our ads by using different formats and colors we have the following advantages.
  • We can blend our ads
    • Ads look less like ads and more like content. => more and higher quality clicks
  • We can customize the ad to match our website’s design
  • We can use different formats matching our content.

3. How much do we actually get?

Some advertising program take all the money which the advertisers invest – we want as much as possible. If your advertising program takes extremely much, then don’t go for it. Their tactic should actually be to pay you as much as possible to get as many publishers as possible – unfortunately many advertising programs don’t understand the advantages of both more publishers and advertisers. Low payout? Don’t go for it.

4. How is the support?

Support is important, we will have questions asking for assistance, if there is no support then what? I really enjoy having an account manager whom I can contact via skype with any questions I have.If the advertisement offers you all that, then go for it. Relevancy is most important tough, that’s what you should check out first.