CPC of placement targeted Ads

Posted on May 13, 2009 in AdsenseAdvertising
Being placement targeted by advertisers has advantages only. If you are unsure what you are missing then you’ll want to know what the CPC (Cost Per Click) of your placement targeted ads is.

Seeing CPC of Placement targeted ads

It’s pretty easy and can be done with only a few steps in your AdSense account:
  • Go into your AdSense account
  • Click on Reports
  • Click on Advanced Reports
  • Date Range: This month
  • Show Data By: Individual Ad
  • Tick: Show data by targeting type – contextual or placement
  • Click “Display Reports”
What you are seeing there is of course not your CPC, those are your earnings. Divide the earnings with the amount of clicks and you’ll know your CPC.

What the numbers tell us

Now that you know your placement targeted ad’s CPC you should also go on and calculate your CPC for the content-network ads. The CPC of the placement targeted ads should be significantly higher. So, we wanna make sure to get as many placement targeted ads as possible. 100% increase in CPC means 100% increase in earnings.Now that you know how to see the CPC of your placement targeted ads you’ll wanna read those two posts:
  • Using channels to increase your CPC – channels are the best opportunity for getting advertisers to advertise on your website. Making your channels targetable allows them to select the channels and then serve ads
  • The Ad Planner publisher center – The Ad planner publisher center is an excellent opportunity for getting advertisers to placement target your website.