Chitika keyword tester

Posted on May 10, 2009 in Advertising
Chitika just released a tool for testing which ads show for your keywords. Use the Keyword tester and check whether Chitika has potential in your niche. I made a quick usage tutorial for the Chitika keyword tester and then continued talking about Chitika vs. AdSense.
Chitika keyword tester

Using the keyword tool is easy

Relevancy is important

Chitika’s keyword tool nicely illustrates how relevant ads for certain keywords are. Relevancy is important and only with relevant ads you have the following advatanges:
  • High CPC
    • More conversions for advertiser = Higher ROI
    • Higher ROI means he’s also willing to pay more per click
  • High CTR
    • Ads are more interesting for the visitor
    • Less banner blindness
You’ll also wanna check out our comprehensive Chitika review. All in all, Chitika’s new keyword tester is a nice tool.