Build your own Authority Backlinks

Posted on Sep 22, 2009 in SEO
This post does not immediately relate to AdSense, however I do want to introduce my newly created WordPress blog Create Authority Backlinks.

The concept

The idea behind this blog is that anyone can register an account there and start posting articles, creating an authority blog overtime. The more authors that are posting articles, the faster it will become an authority blog. But why join? See it from this point: A single author blog will take tons of time to produce content, and therefore – if you’re not an exception – will never get an authority site. Even DuoBlogger is run by 2 guys ;)The strength lies with multiple authors, all producing content for their own target websites. Include a backlink to a newly made website of yours and get it ranked/indexed fast. If you are tired of making WordPress/Blogger blogs with 2 posts and then moving on to create the next blog: this works much better than making those spam blogs.So the concept is pretty simple, post quality content and link to your own targeted website. (with the right anchor text of course)

What makes it different than any other article directory?

Google values editorial directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo!’s directory. Having a link on an article directory that isn’t edited by the admin will not be as strong as a having a backlink from those 2 websites. (not considering the PageRank). If the articles on a directory are not monitored by an admin, too many spam articles will pop up and devalue the directory as a whole. And trust me, Google knows which sites are crap and which not.That is why I wrote the author requirements, this will not only reduce the confusion for submitting articles, but it will also make sure all the articles are of high quality. Which is what we want if we want to rank high in the serp’s and drawing more visitors to the blog. Ultimately making money from them using the AdSense Revenue Sharing plugin. Monetization will start once the blog reaches 100 search visitors a day.Authors that submit a lot of articles of high quality will be eligble to share the revenue with. The only thing I need from you is your publisher ID and a channel number, which is optional if you want to track it’s performance.If you are interested in joining me from the start and get ahead of others, follow this sign up link and register an account.See you there!Cheers,MarkPS. If you have any more questions regarding this concept, make a comment below or one on the newly created blog.